Attendance and absence policy

Commitment to attend the training period:

Virtual attendance of training lectures is the same as face-to-face or regular attendance. Therefore, TUVTI Training Institute adopted in its policy of attendance and absence, all trainees present and absent in each lecture, and attendance, delay and absence are calculated as follows:

1/ The trainee is considered late for the lecture if he attends after the first ten minutes from the beginning of the lecture.

2/ The trainee is considered absent from the lecture if the attendance rate is less than 30% of the lecture duration.

3/ The trainee’s enrollment in the training course whose absence, with or without excuse, has increased from the lectures scheduled to describe 25% of the training course hours, is folded.

4/ The trainee is responsible for knowing and following up the number of hours of absence in proportion to the system of warnings and deprivation in the institute.

5 / The excuses for absence are submitted to the Department of Admission and Registration, the Trainees Affairs Section, to ensure their validity.

6/ Excuses are not accepted after one week from the date of absence.

7 / The minimum number of hours of simultaneous attendance (not less than 25%) deliberately providing training in the asynchronous electronic mode or blended education that exceeds a month

8/ Send excuses to the e-mail:


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