Commitment to respect intellectual property rights and copyrights

Protection of the principles of intellectual property rights and copyrights
Commitment to respect intellectual property rights and copyrights
* At TUVTI Training Institute, we are committed to intellectual property rights upon publication:
We at TUVTI Institute are committed to respecting intellectual property rights when designing training courses on our educational platform or on any of our social media accounts, such as pictures, promotional posters and other published materials.
* The trainer’s commitment to intellectual property rights when writing the course content:
We undertake the task of converting the scientific content prepared by the trainers into digital content, and the trainers participating in the preparation of the content are obligated to respect intellectual property rights and publishing and to refer to all references and sources used in writing the course content. And that the trainer, before starting to draft the content, signs an undertaking and acknowledgment form to prepare content that respects all intellectual property laws, licenses and copyrights according to the regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The trainers also undertake to refer to the scientific references and sources that were used in preparing the course content, and in the event of using open source training contents, they are also committed to ensuring that all licenses of these open resources are respected, and also acknowledges that the intellectual property of the content that is written by the TUVTI Training Institute , It should be noted that any process of writing the course content by the TUVTI Training Institute is preceded by a license by the instructor of the presented course and the management of the TUVTI Training Institute.
* Commitment of the trainer when uploading content on the educational platform of the institute:
The trainer of the TU Training Institute acknowledges that all content uploaded to the educational platform from registered courses, test questions or a questionnaire must take into account respect for intellectual property rights and copyright principles, and the trainer also acknowledges that all courses uploaded on the platform become at the disposal of TU Institute In Training is represented, so that the Institute can use it for developmental or training purposes.
* Commitment to the policy of keeping and using the materials in the educational platform of the institute:
TU Training Institute provides a set of systems and programs; For the trainees to benefit from, such as the e-learning system, the virtual classroom system on the Microsoft Teams application and other digital systems, and the use of these programs results in the production of a set of content and materials; Some of them are uploaded by the user in the form of files of various types, while others are produced by the system in the form of statistical data about the trainee’s attendance rate and interaction with the course content and monitoring of the grades he scored in the exams. The disposition of this material is also subject to a clear policy formulated by the TU Institute For training, during which intellectual property rights and publishing and use laws were taken into account in order to tighten the classification of materials according to the degree of their sensitivity, the size of their confidentiality and the risks associated with them, and the necessary policies were developed to control and use them for the benefit of the training system of the TUVTI Training Institute.
*Both the trainer and the trainee are obligated to fully maintain the login information to the educational platform and not to disclose it to anyone else, as it is for him only.
* Both the trainer and the trainee, if there are test or course discount codes, are obligated to keep them and use them for himself for the purpose of registration, whether in the institute’s courses or test centers, and not to distribute them to other people.
* All training materials and bags are available on the trainee's own account. They are on his account so that he can access them at any time, so they are not subject to publication and distribution, whether on the Internet or printed. It is within the rights of the TUVTI Training Institute.


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