A guide to the knowledge, skills and competencies required of the trainer

The knowledge, skills and competencies required of the trainer to be able to train in the e-training style:

Able to operate computers and its accessories.
It deals with computer operating systems.
Proficient with Microsoft Office programs.
It deals with electronic networks.
Able to deal with e-mail.
Able to manage electronic files.
He has his own website (preferably).
The Internet is used to search for and access information.
Deals with electronic libraries attached to educational or independent institutions.
It downloads books and programs from the Internet.
Can register and participate in educational forums.
Designs and publishes web pages.
Proficient in dealing with electronic chat programs.
Uses e-training activities related to the field of training.
Communicates with trainees electronically.
Diversity in the multimedia used in electronic training.


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