E-Course Evaluation Policy

Online course evaluation grading policy
Electronic attendance

Electronic attendance is calculated by attending lectures, live broadcast, in the event of simultaneous training
In the case of asynchronous training, attendance is calculated by attending and viewing the recorded video
As well as carrying out activities and evaluation for all assigned tasks, they are equally included in calculating attendance
The semester and final exams may be in attendance in the course or through the electronic exam, which is at a specific time
The trainee must attend at least 75% of the virtual classes.
The trainee must perform electronic activities at least 75%

Denial and exclusion from completing the program:

According to the approved regulations and regulations, if the trainee exceeds 25% of the absence, he will be excluded from the program.

Duties Policy:

Electronic tasks are sent and delivered through files that are uploaded in the form of a word editor or PDF
Assignments and all tasks and activities are delivered through the e-learning platform
The time for assignments and tasks is fixed on a specific date and time


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