A guide for trainers

TUVTI Institute is one of the leading national institutions in Dammam that specializes in the field of training and development of individuals in various fields, through a distinguished staff of trainers and technicians with experience in this field. On the three axes (use of technology, development of electronic content, teaching skills) and include the following:

First: - Use of technology:

The trainers are trained for a period of 10 hours to acquire basic concepts related to technology and be able to use its applications in education. At the end of the training, the trainer will be able to:-

Effective planning and design of distance education using technical means.
The use of technical means in the evaluation process through the use of different methods of electronic evaluation
Using technical means to develop his performance and professional practice.
Use small, portable wireless handheld devices such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants, smartphones, and mini PCs to achieve flexibility and interactivity in teaching and learning anytime and anywhere.
Entering the platform and using the systems used in the educational process
Ensure that you have the necessary tools to deliver electronic training efficiently.
The ability to deal with scientific material technically, attendance systems and examination systems.
Safe use of technology resources.
Second: e-content development:

The trainers are trained for a period of 10 hours on the design and development of electronic content using the computer and its various applications, its dissemination and presentation to students and the possibility of choosing from among various alternatives to learning resources and interactive media according to the needs of each trainee, and the use of
Learning management systems, educational content management systems, in addition to teaching all Google services and means in that

Third: Teaching skills

The trainers are trained in the sufficient period necessary to acquire professionalism in teaching skills during the three recognized stages (technical - design - administrative system) as follows:-

1/ The technical stage - it includes the following items:-

Mastering basic computer skills.

Use of online social media platforms in academic settings.
2/ Design stage - it includes the following items:-

Develop a full description of the training program.
Mastering the skill of designing educational electronic content
Mastering the subject and using appropriate electronic learning tools
Mastering the skill of diversifying teaching methods, encouraging teamwork and searching for answers
Designing the material according to the requirements of the requesting party
Continuously updating the electronic educational content in line with the latest changes
3/ The stage of the administrative system (a large part of which is sponsored by the Center) - and it includes the following items:-

Ensure to follow up on the electronic attendance of trainees
Ensuring students' interaction with the educational process during the training program period
Follow-up of students and their progress in completing the training program and the development of the content for easy understanding of the material
Continuous and fair evaluation to ensure the best distance training experience
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