A guide for trainees


Guide for trainees

TUVTI Training Institute provides a guide to making the best use of e-learning, support and training

Electronic in its various forms (synchronous and asynchronous (for trainees)

Laws and regulations inside the electronic halls:

1/ The name and password used to enter the hall are created by the center’s administration and sent

For the trainee to his email that he registered in the course registration form.

2/ Entry to the hall is by the explicit first name, and if the names are repeated in the same session, entry is by name

Frank I and the father's name.

3/ It is prohibited to publish advertisements for external courses, links, emails, phone numbers and similar means of communication

Inside the hall except with the permission of the hall supervisor.

4/ It is forbidden to engage in political, sectarian and religious disputes inside the hall.

5 / The hall supervisor has the right to fully control the opening and closing of the writing feature, the voice sharing feature, and the . feature

Registration of the course and all the hall tools as needed and in coordination with the course instructor.

6/ Commitment to general etiquette and appropriate dialogue with the trainer and trainees, and not to be exposed to a person present or absent

With accusations or inappropriate words.

7/ If you encounter any problem in dealing with the hall or entering it, or you are subjected to harassment, please contact us

Site management on the e-mail registered in the Contact Us section.

8/ The center is not responsible for any sudden interruption in the electronic hall connection during the course, as this defect is

It happened because it is out of our hands and the reason is due to the hosting company for the electronic halls website. The center and the hall supervisor will cooperate with the trainees to the maximum extent, and in the event of a significant loss of time from the course, it will be compensated by adding additional time in the hours or days of the course, and please be patient and calm in the event of any technical glitch. We will deal with any emergency glitch with professionalism, preservation and respect for the rights of the trainee.

9/ If one of the previous controls is violated, the trainee will be alerted the first time, and if it is repeated, the feature will be closed

Write about it until the end of the training day.

10/ In the event of a severe moral transgression by offending the center, its management, the coach, the hall supervisor, the trainees, or

Any political or religious authority or any other considered authority has the right to the administration of the institute to terminate the registration of the trainee in the course, and the re-registration of the trainee will not be made

fees paid to him.

Fourth: General laws and regulations:

1/ All established laws and regulations aim to preserve the rights and satisfaction of the trainee during and after

The course, as well as maintaining the professionalism and quality of the center’s work and its dealings with its valued trainees.

2/ The administration of the Institute has the right to amend, add and delete all of the foregoing laws and regulations in a manner that is in the interest of the trainee and the center at any time and without reference to any other party.'s_guide.pdf


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