Technical specifications of the system architecture

Technical specifications of the system architecture

Server Specifications:

1/ Number of Users: Available up to 100,000 users
2/ Server type: Cloud
3/ Database: MySQL
4/ Network: WLAN
5/ Protection: We provide integrated protection through protection systems that ensure that data is protected from any malicious attacks and is monitored by the Technical Support Department
5/ Technical support team: We have a technical support department that provides the necessary technical support to users

System technical specifications

The technical structure of the TUVTI Training Institute provided a technically unique possibility to accommodate numbers commensurate with the content and content of the training in order to achieve the desired knowledge goal, and the fact that each program or training course has a specificity in terms of subject, content, objectives, exercises and exercises, and the technical evidence prepared in quality systems allows Diversity in group and individual training methods, groups, interaction and non-interaction depending on the purpose and goal of the training, and therefore it is possible to accommodate varying numbers of users and within varying numbers of training programs at the same time and within a precise technical system, with the provision of a cloud server, documented and accurate databases, and high communication networks Quality, on the other hand, accurate protection systems have been provided for all components of technical work in a way that preserves and protects all contents and data, and a high-level technical support team is available around the clock and through all means of communication in order to provide instant support, solutions and technical alternatives.


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