About TUVTI Training Institute

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TUVTI Training Institute is one of the best training centers in the Arab world, due to its wide diversity in the training plan, in addition to using the latest methods and systems in training courses, and providing courses in all its forms, including online programs, with the same efficiency as traditional training courses, and we are still working on developing The training system is according to the latest developments in the world in the field of effective vocational training, in order to reach a prosperous society that is perfect for its work, through our commitment to providing the best training programs by a selection of professional trainers, within a training environment that adheres to the highest quality standards. ...

About TUV Training Institute

Chairman word

Believing in the importance of training and scientific qualification for the Kingdom’s youth to support its renaissance and progress, the idea of ​​establishing the TUVTI Institute for Training came to be, as the final result, a strong training material and reliable human cadres to achieve the requirements and objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.
As one of the leading training institutes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we are keen to provide the best educational and training services to keep pace with the needs of all clients in line with the Arab and global labor market. Based on our mission of providing trainees with the skills, experience and knowledge they need, we are working to achieve integration between providing training consultancy required by trainees and designing and implementing programs that meet their needs.


Our mission, goals, vision and values

TUVTI Training Institute is one of the best and strongest training centers in the Arab world

Our Message

Our Message

Striving to raise the work efficiency of research and learning cadres in teamwork and keep abreast of local and global developments, by providing training and educational programs in various fields such as administrative sciences, computer science, marketing and many other fields in which they work in an educational environment that stimulates work and development.

Our Goals

Our Goals

• Achieving local quality standards in all educational fields.
• Using modern technologies to support the educational process.
• Providing training content that meets the knowledge and application needs
• Preparing graduates who are academically and professionally qualified to keep pace with the development in the labor market.
• Development of human capabilities through enriching, and refining managerial skills, applied knowledge.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To have leadership in the field of development training for cadres at all professional levels to meet the needs of the labor market in order to achieve development goals and future aspirations, the preferred Kingdom of 2030.

Our Value

Our Value

• Quality standards.
• Work professionally.
• Excellence, leadership and innovation.
• Credibility and transparency.
• Comprehensiveness and integration in all forms of knowledge.
• teamwork.

Pillars of success of TUVTI Training Institute

The implementation of our training programs comes by adopting the main training pillars and axes


This is the essence and basis of the training process, for this purpose of researching training programs depends primarily on providing jobs, as the suitability of training programs to the current and future needs of both the institution and the trainee.


Distinguished training can only be obtained through experts and trainers who have long practical experience in the field of training, so our institute uses in the implementation of its programs a distinguished group of training experts with scientific and practical competence.

Training Material

Develop the appropriate training material for each training program in line with the market and work methods in the various institutions.


We believe that quality comes first and we are committed to these core values and to providing both individuals and companies with high quality training materials and services.

Pillars of success of TUVTI Training Institute


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